An Informal Evening of Wood-fired Pizza

Welcome to Tuscany_ An Informal Evening of Wood-fired Pizza, Wine, and Music on a Gorgeous Late Summer Night

Victoria and Kevin’s welcome dinner was a beautiful and intimate event, held in the courtyard of a charming Tuscan villa. The rustic elegance of the venue was perfectly complemented by the simple yet chic decor, which featured delicate white flowers and soft candlelight. The guests enjoyed cocktails and conversation under the stars before sitting down to a delicious meal of traditional Italian cuisine. The long wooden tables were adorned with greenery and more delicate flowers, creating a natural and organic feel. The warm and inviting atmosphere was a reflection of the happy couple’s love for each other and their desire to share their joy with their closest friends and family. Overall, it was a wonderful start to what was sure to be a magical wedding weekend in Tuscany.

venue Villa Catureglio