My main goal is to give life to a memorable, unique and customized day, for you, your families and friends, which will mirror your story and your style. Listening to people and to their wishes represents the beginning of an incredible journey where I am happy to pick up fresh ideas: from my experience, I know that some of the things which work best come from our brides and grooms’ suggestions.

I will follow you step by step so that your vision can come to life: I will support you all the way through so that your special day turns into a wonderful memory for you all.

I have gathered a great team of local suppliers who all work well together to make your dream destination wedding perfect. I am also enthusiastic about discovering new ones with you and for you. I work with a number of venues around Tuscany and I would be delighted to recommend them to you based on your ideas and budget.



I offer a full wedding planning package not only to plan your wedding in Tuscany but also to assist you from the moment you arrive in Italy until your departure.
From the organisation of the rehearsal dinner, bachelorette party, day after the wedding brunch, cooking classes, to wine tours and any other activities that Tuscany can offer, I will be delighted to organise your wedding day as well the “after the wedding” celebration for you to spend an unforgettable week end with your family and friends.

Customised packages based on your wishes and budget.


Get to Know the Couple and Their Vision

As a wedding planner, I take the time to get to know the couple on a personal level. By listening carefully to their vision for their wedding day, I can help to create a celebration that is truly unique and special to them.

Nurture the Couple's Dreams and Aspirations

At the heart of any wedding is the couple’s dreams and aspirations. As a wedding planner, it’s important for me to nurture these dreams and to work with the couple to bring their unique vision to life.

Choose Vendors Who Share the Couple's Vision

To create a cohesive and memorable wedding, it’s important for me to choose vendors who share the couple’s vision and values. By carefully selecting vendors who understand the couple’s style and preferences, I can ensure that every aspect of the wedding reflects the couple’s unique vision.

Create a Detailed Plan

Creating a detailed plan is key to ensuring that the wedding day runs smoothly. By working with the couple to create a schedule that includes every aspect of the celebration, I can minimize stress and ensure that everything is taken care of.

Communicate Clearly and Effectively

Clear and effective communication is crucial to the success of any wedding. As the wedding planner, it’s my responsibility to keep the couple and vendors informed every step of the way, to ensure that everyone is on the same page and that any issues are addressed promptly.

Be Flexible and Responsive

Weddings can be unpredictable, and it’s important for me to be flexible and responsive to changing circumstances. By anticipating potential issues and having contingency plans in place, I can ensure that the wedding day is a success, no matter what.

Celebrate with Joy and Gratitude

At the end of the day, weddings are about celebrating love and commitment. As the wedding planner, I embrace the joy of the occasion and express gratitude for the opportunity to play a role in such a special day.


As a wedding planner, I see my role on the day of the wedding as vital to the success of the event. My main responsibility is to oversee every aspect of the celebration and ensure that everything runs seamlessly. This includes coordinating with vendors, confirming their timely arrival, and managing the timeline of the day. I’m also responsible for troubleshooting any issues that may arise and being the go-to person for any questions or concerns.

My ultimate goal is to create a stress-free and enjoyable experience for the couple and their families. As a wedding planner, I understand that weddings can be overwhelming, so I strive to provide support and alleviate any concerns that may arise. I believe that by taking care of the details and ensuring everything is in place, the couple can relax and fully embrace their special day.

Overall, I take pride in being a wedding planner and feel honored to play a significant role in such a memorable occasion. It’s a privilege to witness the love and happiness that fills the air and see the couple’s vision come to life.


Whether it is a symbolic, a religious or a civil wedding, I can help you organise it.

Civil ceremony

I will help with all the necessary paperwork, translation and legalisation of documents.

Symbolic ceremony

Are you already legally married in your country? I can give you all the tips and suggestions for a perfect symbolic ceremony and help you look for your celebrant.

Religious ceremony

The preparation of a catholic religious ceremony is similar to a civil one (Catholicism is the main religion in Italy); Tuscany has an abundance of churches scattered all around and I will be glad to assist you in finding the perfect one for you.

DISCOVER how easy it is for you to get married in Italy

Are you dreaming of a beautiful destination wedding in Tuscany? Let me make that dream a reality! As a destination wedding planner, I specialize in creating unforgettable weddings in the stunning Tuscan countryside. From romantic olive groves to breathtaking vineyards, let's work together to bring your vision to life. Contact me today to start planning your dream destination wedding in Tuscany!