MC: an essential element to a succesful destination wedding

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It’s almost time to welcome the guests as they start to arrive at your Tuscan wedding, the musicians are playing something soft in the shade, the ceremony table is set out along with the chairs you chose way back when you were gathering your wedding ideas, everything is ready, everything is looking perfect and there’s that nice buzz in the air of anticipation in this lovely Italian wedding venue.

Are your special friends are going to hand out the order of ceremony as guests take their seats? maybe you’ll decide to leave them in a pretty basket for guests to help themselves or placed on the ceremony chairs so people will find them as they take their places.
Helping to create the right atmosphere on the wedding day is the work of a good friend acting as MC directing the guests and keeping them informed of what’s going on as the wedding progresses.
I’ll be around all the time as the wedding planner making sure that everything is running according to plan and keeping the MC updated on any changes that may happen, don’t forget this is a live event.
As your Italian wedding planner I’ll have been careful to go through all the timings well before hand so that the MC feels comfortable in his/her role.

I’ve known some great MCs. They’ve made guest feel welcome sometimes starting off with some general timing info and ‘housekeeping’ plus what’s happening, where and when not necessarily all in one go just enough to make it easy on eveyone so the day flows smoothly.
He or she will get everyone moving towards the ceremony to be seated.
During the canapès/aperitivo they might want to help the couple organize any planned or improvised moments, as the afternoon progresses they’ll announce that it’s time to go through to supper.
They’ll give you a big build up for your entrance as the newly married couple, when the speeches are being introduced they’ll be the one to do this.
As supper draws to a close they’ll call everyone over to watch you cut the cake and lastly tell everyone that the party is about to start and that they should make their way towards the dance floor and bar.
One of the best MCs I’ve met introduced the bridesmaids and groomsmen to a mellow live jazz backing with the grand entrance of the couple as the grand finale, she was fabulous, sophisticated and very slinky.
If your MC has a big voice it’s an advantage but people have used a quirky idea to grab everyones attention, a small antique trumpet was a good means of doing this, bongos or drums.
Share the load use 2 people as MCs working as a duo making it fun, knocking jokes back and forth off eachother reflecting a good rapport that they have.

MCs are important because it closes the circle and makes the day more intimate, one of the party, who is easily recognisable is doing the announcements we’re all together having a fantastic time in a beautiful place, a lovely wedding in Tuscan, it’s fabulous.
Thanks MC you were marvellous, you made getting married in Italy easy.

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