Winter weddings

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A well kept secret is that Tuscany is beautiful in winter. The scenery is stunning, the light is beautiful, the venue is cosy, warm and welcoming and the food is so good.
A table set with candles, shining glass, silver and gold cutlery and gleaming underplates and winter flowers complement the rich,deep shades of the snug evening party ahead.
Lighting gives an intimacy to all the surroundings no matter what size your guest number is.
You are together arround the table enjoying the good things on the menu which are still the famously fresh Italian tastes but richer deeper flavours that suit the season.

On the menu you’ll see cured meats, caramelised vegetables roasted in the oven, rich and fresh cheeses with bitter greens, chestnut flour pancakes with ricotta, Tuscan sausages or Pancetta, Wild boar stews with small dark Tuscan olives pickled in spices and served with gloriously golden polenta made from old varieties of maize. There are also game birds and venison roasted with bay and sage. Cannelini beans or chickpeas with rosemary, drizzled with freshly winter pressed olive oil and roasted in the oven.
Lots of freshly made pasta served in a light broth gollden and ivory. Glistening olives pickled with herbs.

The white wines are light and sparkling with a green tang, bright honeyed bouquets, light smooth or deep harmonious reds some aged in oak whith a long finish which you’ll recall when you think back to the time you spent with your friends enjoying some very special time together unlike any other, a real contrast to the summer and all the better for that.

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